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Bid Costly Staffed Events Goodbye

Say goodbye to costly marketing and sales events! With the help of our experienced auto dealers and salespeople at Fast Track Marketing, we will help you increase your sales without having to shell out money from your pocket! Count on us to be ready and prepared to help you make successful auto deals in the most efficient way possible so you can become the top auto dealer in your area.

Increase Your Sales With Off-Site Events

One strategic way to boost your sales is by hosting off-site staffed events at popular locations. Our staff will help you organize marketing events outside your local market, which will surely bring in more leads and skyrocket your auto sales. Get in touch with our sales professionals today!

Pre-Owned Inventiory Marketing Budget Average Units Sold Average Gross/Unit Average Total Gross Average ROI
50 Units $15,000 20 Units $4,100 $82,000 Over 5:1
65 Units $17,500 26 Units $4,200 $109,200 Over 6:1
110 Units $25,000 44 Units $4,3000 $189,200 Over 7:1

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Are you planning to hold a vehicle sale? Do you want to host a product launch but you don’t know where to start? Give us a call now and we will create an amazing event and generate sales for you! Let our marketing and events staff provide you high-end promotional products and services that meet your requirements and exceed your expectations. Maximize your profitability today with Fast Track Marketing.